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They say that, out of all of the things we learn, many people don't ever forget one specific grade school teacher. Stop and let yourself go back; you can picture her, can't you? She was always so sweet and kind and inspiring in class, making you think of all sorts of new things...and even more inspiring out of class, when your young mind started wandering to what other sorts of lessons she might teach you.

I bet, to this very day, that you can remember the first time you ran your hand down your body, feeling those strange, aching urges in your cock that linked so directly to the body of that hot, older woman. Her wisdom and experience would provide you with hours upon hours of steamy sexual education as she shows you just how to please her and then rewards you in kind.

Just day, having noticed you staring intently at her sexy, voluptuous body, she calls you into her office after class. Your heart is racing as you knock on her door, seeing her silhouette against the glass and hearing her beckon for you to enter.

Is she a cruel teacher, who plans, with her ruler and firm voice, to dole out the proper disciplinary action to the young student who can't keep his eyes to himself? Is she the sex-starved slut of an unsatisfied wife who craves young dick, and sucks you into an after-hours fuckfest at the end of every school day?

As a mature lady with a fetish for younger men, I love acting out teacher/student roleplay scenarios. Call and ask for me, then wait for the ring: class is in session!

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