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Since I don't have any kids I guess it's hard to call me a MILF. I've never been married because I spent so much time building my career and had very little time for a social life. Unfortunately times changed and I was suddenly "downsized", also known as being fired. I honestly took a job in phone sex simply to help make ends meet, but once I relaxed and got into it I realized what I had been missing all this time by not dating; pure sex!

Something inside has clicked and I'm now doing things I would never have considered in the past. For instance, my best friend has a 16 year old son that I always thought was cute but it would NEVER have crossed my mind to pursue him. For the past couple of months now I've been picking him up from school and taking him to a hotel nearby where I worship his sexy, youthful body for hours. You might think a kid that young would have more stamina, but I usually leave him wrung out and panting in a puddle of his own sweat before loading him back into the car and dropping him off two blocks from his mother's house. I can't wait until he passes his driving test, less chance of getting caught if he can meet me and drive himself home.

He's far from my only conquest though. I had always had a crush on my supervisor from my old job. Although most women wouldn't describe him as physically attractive, there was just some quality that he possessed that made me want to strip him down and jump on him. Because I was so focused on my career, plus the fact that he had been married for over 25 years, I made myself hold back. These days there is nothing to hold me back so I called him and invited him over, supposedly to counsel me on finding another job and read over my resume'. I greeted him at the door in a silk nightie and, without mincing words, told him why he was actually there. After he picked his jaw up off the floor and caught his breath, we had quite an adventurous evening.

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