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I like to play mind games and will keep you off balance and on your toes at all times. Sweet and sensual one moment, I can turn on a whim, making you realize that what you thought was pleasing me is really just making me angry and frustrated.

I'll tell you how beautiful your hardened cock is, then berate you for being a dog who pops a boner over the slightest little thing. I'll send you to my lingerie drawer to pick out something frilly to wear for me, then spank you for stretching out my panties.

I do so love to always keep you guessing, always keep you scrambling to try and read my mind. In the end you will be so confused you won't know whether to shit or go blind, and frankly, either one might get you into trouble.

Don't fret though. I find a discombobulated, vulnerable man incredibly sexy and, eventually, I will give you the ultimate reward of letting you spill your seed.

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